Google Fiber Update:

Capital Entrepreneurs is a huge supporter of bringing Google Fiber to Madison.  The Madison community has really come together to help support the effort.  Since we posted a Google Fiber page on Capital Entrepreneurs, people from all over the city have contributed ideas, time and money to support the effort.  It’s really amazing what a cool cause can do to bring an entire city together.

So what’s been done so far?

Community Support Site – is now live.  Madfiber is the place where Madisonians can show their support for Google Fiber in many different ways.  You can input your name and zip code an get added to a custom Google map to show your support.  As of now, 451 people have added their support to the google map and it looks awesome!

We’ve also got a setup which lets people easily add pictures, videos and other media to  Do it today!


A Madfiber twitter account has been set up and the official hashtag is #madfiber.  As of today, there are about 400 followers.


With over 3800 fans, Madison is currently #4 in facebook fans of cities that are supporting Google Fiber.  Join the group today and help us move up!

Madfiber Ice Cream

On Friday March 5th, Capital Entrepreneurs members Nathan Lustig and Jesse Davis came up with the idea to create Madfiber Ice cream to show support for the effort.  By the next week, Babcock hall used their recipe (vanilla ice cream, google colored m&m’s and sweet granola) to create an amazing flavor.  Thanks for Babcock for making this happen so fast.

The flavor debuted at the Madison Community Meeting, which you can watch online, to great success.  Babcock will be making a full production run later this month.  We are the only city in the country that created a custom ice cream flavor!  Take that Google, (I mean Topeka) Kansas!


The Madison press has published all sorts of articles about the Madfiber effort.  Here’s a sampling of some of the coverage:

  5. a blog post on the PerBlue blog
Special Thanks
There has been a huge amount of support in the Madison community for Google Fiber.  This list does not do everyone justice and if I miss anyone, please email me so I can add what you’ve done to help to the list.  Here’s a list of people that Capital Entrepreneurs has worked with to help bring Google fiber to Madison:
  • Preston Austin – organizing, developing and running the website
  • Matt Younkle – coordinating the effort, interfacing with the city
  • Forrest Woolworth – Website help, organization
  • Scott Resnick – Website design
  • Kyle Pfister – Community Support, Community Art
  • Mark Evans – Madison Public Schools
  • Mo Cheeks – Official Twitter Account
  • Bill Klein – Babcock Plant Manager who made Madfiber Ice Cream a reality
  • Matt Peterson – Business development ideas
  • Bendycode – Web development
If you want to help out and don’t know how, comment here or contact us and let us know what you can do!

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