Door 6 Featured On Gizmodo

Capital Entrepreneurs member Door 6 was featured on Gizmodo earlier this week ahead of the launch of their new Android game Vacuum.  From the Gizmodo story:

Vacuum is billing itself as being the first Android game to offer cash prizes.

It was a finalist in the Android Developer Challenge, finishing in the top 20 for arcade and action games, but under a different name. It’s essentially a racing game in a never-ending tunnel…but if you do well, there’s a chance you can win some actual money from the developers.

Door 6 was also featured on Android and Me, Android Community and Droidgamers.  You can check out the Vacuum video from Door 6 on their youtube channel.  From the Droid Gamers review:

Having dived into this game for almost a week now I can safely say this is a fun game to play. For a beta version it’s pretty polished and ready to ship onto the Android market. Vacuum by Door-6 is a neat concept as it takes the tunnel style games to another level by having global rankings and cash prizes.

Gameplay: Vacuum’s gameplay and controls work very well. I played this for a week on the G1 and had no lag at all which is amazing considering how much stuff I have crammed onto this phone. The controls are responsive and work as they should with a flying airship with that feeling of give and take. The throttle is also very responsive, accelerating or slowing down right away depending on how you use it which becomes a very important aspect of the game. It gets challenging pretty quickly and it should considering there are cash prizes at stake. By the third or forth ring you are definitely in for a good challenge of not crashing into the moving rocks or the wall while trying to avoid the rocks.

The point of the game is to navigate the tunnel and collect the green orbs that are floating to earn points and extra time on your clock. You get your points when you pass through a blue ring and every time you pass through a blue ring it gets harder and harder with more moving rocks. When you crash your score is submitted automatically. So far my best rank is 21.