Community for Madison Founders

We, Capital Entrepreneurs, unite under the shared purpose of fostering a culture of support, collaboration, and growth. Together, we overcome obstacles, celebrate successes, and navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. We pledge to extend a hand to all, regardless of their stage in the journey, embracing diversity of ideas and experiences. With empathy as our guide and innovation as our compass, we strive to build a network where every entrepreneur finds a home, a mentor, and a friend.

Our monthly meetups are hosted by various members of our community, offering a unique flavor each time. Founder Day, our annual highlight, is a large-scale gathering that brings together as many founders as possible in one exciting day, celebrating our collective entrepreneurial spirit and achievements.

Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events

Madison Startup Resources

New to the Madison Startup scene? We’ve curated a list of resources in town specifically with founders in mind.