Are you a Madison area entrepreneur? Join Capital Entrepreneurs! It’s free for entrepreneurs to join and is the cornerstone organization of the burgeoning Madison entrepreneurial community.

Membership criteria:
1. Capital Entrepreneurs is only open to entrepreneurs. You must be a founder, co-founder, or very early stage employee of a Madison area startup, or have relevant past entrepreneurial accomplishments.
2. Your startup must be a registered entity (LLC, c-corp, etc) and you must be actively pursuing your venture on a daily basis.
3. Law firms, accountants, and other traditional service providers are not allowed as members (aka if you want to join CE just to sell stuff to our members, CE is not for you). Are you a service provider that wants to support the entrepreneurial community? Consider becoming a Sponsor.

If you do not meet this criteria: You can still sign up for our public mailing list to find out about upcoming entrepreneurial events that are open to everyone.