You will be assigned to either the Founder’s Community or the General Community based on your information provide. We heavily depend on your LinkedIn to make the decision.

Founder’s Community:

  • Access to founder only events.
  • Access to founder only slack group.
  • Access to founder only newsletters.

Founder’s Newsletter Criteria:

Anyone that currently is or has been a founder. This is includes but not limited to:

  • Founded a company that helps other founders such as design, tech, marketing, etc.
  • Founded a fund to invest in founders.
  • Used to be a founder, now an investor.

Law firms, accountants, and other traditional service providers are not typically allowed as members. You should be going through the founder journey or have gone through it in the past.

General Community:

  • Access to public events
  • Access to our general newsletter

General Newsletter Criteria:

  • There is no criteria, however you should be interested in supporting or following the founders in the community to some degree.