Entrustet Featured in the Brunei Times

Capital Entrepreneurs Member company Entrustet was featured in the Brunei Times in an article about the need to appoint a digital executor to manage one’s digital assets when they pass away.  From the link:

NOT so long ago, we had safes and locked filing cabinets filled with our wills, financial information and important documents locked away and the combination or keys entrusted to a member of the family to take care of in the event of our passing.

These days in the era of digitilisation, it’s not just physical vital documents we have to worry about. With the advent of the Internet and the new digital culture, many of us also have to think about our digital assets and legacy; what would happen to the countless e-mails, on-line profiles, uploaded pictures and websites that we have cultivated so carefully in life, after our death?

As discussed previously, a Facebook profile can be memorialised after our demise by a loved one or a friend, but for those of us who choose not to have a digital afterlife, this would mean that the profile in question would have to be deleted at our behest. But how can we be assured that this instruction will be carried out?