Entrustet Featured on Dane 101

Capital Entrepreneurs member company Entrustet was featured on Dane 101 about how to protect digital assets in estate plans.  From the link:

Nathan Lustig, co-founder (along with Jesse Davis) of the Madison-based company Entrustet, notes that these ephemeral bits of data are in fact real assets. Some, like PayPal accounts or web pages, have monetary value. Others, like emails from family members and digital images, have “sentimental value. Many children of the born digital generation have never had their photo printed.”

Entrustet is part of a new and growing market of companies offering ways for people to manage these assets. Right now, dealing with your online life after death can be difficult, painful, or just plain spooky for your loved ones.

“In all this area of internet law is very underdeveloped,” said Nathan Dosch, an attorney focused on estate planning, tax and business law at Neider & Boucher, S.C. in Madison. “This is mostly due to one important aspect of things like email accounts, Facebook, etc. That aspect is that the user does not have a property rights in the account itself. Instead they have a license to access/use the account.”