Networked Insights Launches Analytics Platform for Facebook

Capital Entrepreneurs member Networked Insights was featured on Media Post because it launched SocialSenseFB, its analytics platform for Facebook Fan pages.  From the Media Post link:

Putting a price on Facebook Fan pages to monitor return on investments (ROIs) for campaigns takes more than reading a post or monitoring clicks. Networked Insights earlier this week released SocialSenseFB, an application that monitors the chatter from fans on a company’s page and how long they spend on the page.

Dan Neely, founder and chief executive officer at Networked Insights, a social media tech company, estimates about 7 million Fan pages on Facebook, from a variety of brands like Starbucks and Research In Motion (RIM). “You don’t need to read 100,000 posts weekly, but rather understand the trends and themes, so you know how to talk with your customers,” he says. “Understanding what’s valuable to them in Facebook, where they engage with you in real time, compared with blogs, where they talk about you, is very different.”