UW Innovative Minds Prize

WID-logoUW Student entrepreneurs have another shot to win big this Friday (May 10) at the Innovative Minds Prize, held at 3:30 p.m. in the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery Town Center.

A number of student teams will be competing for the first-ever $10,000 Innovative Minds Prize, awarded to the student team that demonstrates the year’s most market-ready innovation. Judges will choose from winning entries from the university’s signature competitions: Innovation Days, the Qualcomm Wireless Innovation Prize, the Wisconsin Energy and Sustainability Challenge, and the G. Steven Burrill Business Plan Competition. The prize is sponsored by the law firm Perkins Coie LLC.

The keynote address will be given by Patrick Heaney, who earned master’s (2007) and Ph.D. (2009) degrees in materials science and turned his dissertation into a successful local company, NCD Technologies. NCD applies a nanoscale diamond coating technology to a new generation of super-strong tools.

More info is available here.

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