The Pop Up Agency Stops in Madison on Worldwide Tour

pop-up-logo-02The Pop Up Agency – a team of young international entrepreneurs – is making stops during their 15-week worldwide tour in cities including Shanghai, Singapore, Los Angeles, London, as well as Madison. The innovative team is gaining popularity for its fast-paced methodology where six interactive art directors immerse themselves in a challenge and deliver a concept and strategy within a 48-hour project window.

“Madison is the smallest city on our tour, yet, it has many similarities to the others we have visited,” said Maksimilian Kallhed, co-founder of The Pop-Up Agency. “The Pop Up Agency is energized to experience Madison and design a concept to keep its name on the list of innovative destinations the likes of New York City, Tokyo and Amsterdam.”

The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce is hosting the team. They will be making cultural and business stops throughout the region (including visiting many Capital Entrepreneurs companies) from May 29-30 before presenting their concept May 31.

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  1. Not sure exactly – I would contact the Chamber of Commerce to find out:

    Contact: Jo-ell Carson, Communications Director, at 608-443-1952 or 608-213-1799

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