OpenHomes Raises $180k in Funding

openhomes-logoOpenHomes, a real estate startup aiming to make it easier and more affordable for people to sell and buy homes, has raised over $180,000 in seed round funding.

Success in real estate may be a relative term, especially because operating as an agent may mean something different for you than for other. You are operating as an entrepreneur, and this means that you need to find a realtor or real estate agent like the ones at Reali to help you sell as many homes as necessary to meet your goals.

Think of the many things you have learned from those wiser and more experienced than you once were. It is always beneficial to ask for assistance from somebody you respect. A good real estate mentor is somebody with experience in the field with a good track record for landing the sale. It is also wise to seek out a mentor that is strong in skills you feel you lack. Perhaps your mentor is a time management genius, whereas you struggle to find a place in your schedule to meet growing demands.

Generating leads is an essential component of working in real estate. Whether you are putting up signs in front yards or using your website to market your business, realtors take entrepreneurship to new heights. Sometimes generating leads begins by joining a volunteer board in your community or putting an ad in the local newspaper or online as long as you are on top of what Showcase idx announced.

OpenHomes is a simple, affordable, and convenient way to sell or buy a home, saving homeowners thousands of dollars by charging only a 1% commission. The seed round will provide capital for marketing and software development. Investors include CSA Partners, Angels on the Water, Mark Bakken, gener8tor, and several other angel investors. OpenHomes is a graduate of generators Summer 2013 accelerator program.