Networked Insights in USA Today

Capital Entrepreneurs members Networked Insights was featured in USA Today talking about valuations of NFL teams based on online mentions and online activity.  From the link:

Which NFL team is creating the most buzz on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets?

It’s the Dallas Cowboys, so-called America’s Team.

What may surprise you is that the woeful Detroit Lions are runners-up.

The first-time rankings, by Networked Insights, an analytics company of social media data, underscore that “you don’t have to be the best brand or NFL team to be included in the most conversations,” says Dan Neely, CEO of Networked Insights.

The company used an algorithm it created that analyzed the conversations of 300 million people on the web and 17 million websites over the past 30 days. It viewed number of posts on individual teams, retweets, viewed online content and activity around fantasy football teams.

“My expectations was the (Washington) Redskins would be tops, since they are the (second-most valued team (at $1.55 billion), according to Forbes,” says Neely. (Dallas is No. 1, at $1.8 billion.)

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