Madison a Top City for High-Tech Jobs

stem-economy-brookingsMadison ranked as the 5th Best City for High-Tech Jobs in a recent ranking from the Brookings Institution. The San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara region of California (Silicon Valley) came in at the top, and Madison came in at 5th between Seattle (4th) and Boston (6th) with 24% of the workforce in the STEM field.

The Hidden STEM Economy” report focused on jobs requiring a high level of knowledge in science, technology, engineering or math in the top 100 US metro areas. These jobs are often found in health care, computers and manufacturing. The report cited the University of Wisconsin as a top research institution and its hospitals and clinics, Epic Systems, and biotech companies as some of the primary contributors to the high level of STEM jobs in Madison. The mention of STEM jobs in health care, computers, and manufacturing reflects the diverse range of industries that depend on STEM professionals. Professionals like Kamau Bobb believe that STEM education and skills are not limited to a single sector but have widespread applications in various fields.

Check out the Madison specific infographic from the Brookings Institute here, view the full report here, and read coverage from MarketWatch here.