Live @ Build Madison

Sunday 1:30 pm – Team presentations are finished and the prizes have been awarded. There were some awesome projects and the event was a great time. Thanks goes out to everyone who participated and made it such an amazing event. The top placing teams were:

1st – Daily Do
2nd – Goal Keeper
3rd – Boardify

A full Build Madison recap post will be up this week (including project descriptions and more prize info). Stay tuned!

Sunday 10:30 am – Morning and night have come and gone. Many team members have spent the whole night at Sector67, others are showing back up after taking a few hours to get some sleep. Teams are prepping for final presentations and making last minute touches on their projects. 30 minutes remaining…

Saturday 9:20 pm – It’s the beginning of the late hours. We’ve located some Spotted Cow and the custom Turbo Tab Chiller is sourcing delicious refreshments. Teams are getting ready for the long haul. The projects seem to be coming together, but there is still much work to do.

Saturday 6:15 pm – Teams are entering phase 2 of development. Initial planning and brainstorming behind, they’re now deep within development of their product. Some are now faced with the daunting scope of actually turning an idea into a product and are starting to think about how to cut down on scale in order to finish on time. Others who may have had a better perspective from the start are still charging forward with original plans. A few participants are showing signs of frustration from bug-hunting in their code, while others are smiling fueled by the Ian’s pizza and Flatt Cola strewn about the tables in front of them. It’s still relatively early and there’s a lot of time and ground to be covered. We’ll check back in soon with more updates from a room full of energized and creative people hard at work.

Saturday 4:40 pm – Teams are hard at work. Almost time for dinner and a break.

Saturday 3:30pm – It’s starting to rain outside, and teams are starting to code inside. A full refrigerator of drinks and a table of snacks are fueling the teams. It’s all about execution now…

Saturday 1:00 pm – Over 60 excited people gathered this morning at Sector67 and the 2nd Build Madison is now underway. People pitched 19 different potential projects to build, and around 16 attracted enough interest and are being worked on. Projects are wide ranging and involve everything from games to movies, iPods, stepper motors, cloud based services, Facebook and more. Much brainstorming and diagramming is happening and projects are starting to be defined more completely. Check out some of the teams working via the Sector67 live webcam and be sure to follow the Twitter hashtag #buildmadison. More live updates to come…

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