Help Bring Google Fiber to Madison

Help Bring Google Fiber to Madison

Google is launching an experiment to bring “ultra-high speed broadband” to a trial city in the United States.  The Google Fiber trial network will allow people in the test city to experience Internet speeds of 1 gigabit per second or “more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have today” at “a competitive price.”  Google intends to test this ultra-high speed Internet in a city with a population between 50,000 and 500,000.

With a population of just under 225,000, we believe Madison is a perfect fit as Google’s trial city.  Madison has a strong research and technology base, augmented by the 40,000 strong University of Wisconsin student population.  Madison is also home to a growing high tech entrepreneur community and is home to many young professionals, who along with college students, make up a large percentage of the demographic that loves to consume large amounts of bandwidth.  Madison’s city government is also a strong supporter of helping bring Google Fiber to Madison.

Many have grown frustrated with Madison’s main high-speed Internet provider, Charter Communications because of frequent outages and poor customer service.  Madison residents would benefit from the increased competition that Google Fiber would bring to the city.

How You Can Help

We have until March 26th to show Google that Madison is a great fit for their experiment.  You can get involved by filling out the Google Fiber Nomination, becoming a fan of the Facebook page and following us on Twitter. When you fill out the nomination, be sure to mention Capital Entrepreneurs and link this webpage.

You can also get involved in Capital Entrepreneurs.   Send us your logo and a link to your business and we will include it on this page as someone who supports bringing Google Fiber to Madison.  Don’t have a business…No problem.  Post a comment on this entry and include a short reason why you’d like Google Fiber in Madison and we will add you to this page.

Capital Entrepreneurs members in support of bringing Google Fiber to Madison:

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brazen careerist logoRyan Paugh

Copy of CityDictionary-LogoThomas Carmona

smoke skreen cap entrepreneurs Nathan Lustig & Alex Freylikhman

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PosiPair Logo Green and Blue (1)Sarah Manski

sconnieTroy Vosseller

hardinddScott Resnick & Jon Hardin

Sharecipe Logo2Katie Colbert and Alex Colbert

ProactiCare LogoTyler Leeper

Chris Meyer

Lydie Hudson

the college shack Andrew Ferenci

networked insightsDaniel Neely

PG_logoBrandon Gador & Ted Durkee

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Max Lynch & Dan Voell

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  11. One need in Madison that FTTH will hopefully solve is the lack of low-cost symmetric (or at least many Mb/s upstream) residential bandwidth options. High-bandwidth upstream powers work-at-home, critical to everything from early-stage innovation to green communities. Existing residential providers are still largely offering services based on a late 20th-century online consumer (click&download) model.

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