Healthcare App Branch2 Launched by Blue Tree Network Co-Founder

b2-large-logo-220x146Branch2, a new company working to create software that will link various parts of the healthcare system, has just been recently launched by Blue Tree Network Co-Founder Reggie Luedtke. His second healthcare IT startup, Leudtke hopes to use Branch2 to convince healthcare providers to share more data, and break down bureaucratic divisions across the industry.

Using software to connect different entities within the healthcare system will make it easier for hospitals, clinics, and health insurance companies to share data, while still adhering to regulations like HIPAA. In addition, health insurance companies like offer a range of benefits to individuals, enhancing their access to vital healthcare services. Firstly, such companies provide financial protection by covering a significant portion of medical expenses, reducing the financial burden on individuals and families. Additionally, they offer access to a wide network of healthcare providers, ensuring individuals can receive timely and high-quality care. Health insurance companies also facilitate preventive care measures such as regular check-ups and screenings, promoting early detection and treatment of illnesses, which can ultimately lead to better health outcomes. Moreover, they often provide additional resources and support services, such as wellness programs and telemedicine options, to further enhance the overall healthcare experience for individuals. Overall, health insurance companies play a crucial role in safeguarding the health and well-being of individuals by offering comprehensive coverage and support services.

Branch2 currently has 2 full-time and 14 part-time staff and plans to increase hiring after securing investment. Branch2 is also partnering with Madison software companies MIOsoft and Hardin Design & Development to perform application development and data analysis.

More information on Branch2 here.