Entrustet Featured on CreditBloggers

Capital Entrepreneurs member Entrustet was featured on Credit Bloggers.  The article titled Who Gets your Bits? explores what happens to your digital assets when you pass away.  From the article:

Entrustet, which is still in the public beta phase, was started in November 2008 by two University of Wisconsin undergrads named Jesse Davis (age 23) and Nathan Lustig (24). Davis told me he got the idea for Entrustet while reading The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman. In the book, Friedman writes about a US Marine named Justin Ellsworth who died in Iraq. His parents asked Yahoo! for access to their son’s e-mail account so they could keep his correspondence as a way to remember him, but Yahoo! said it was against policy to give out passwords of users — even deceased ones — to anyone other than the account holder.

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