CE Companies Are Hiring!

Many CE companies are actively hiring for many positions. In particular, PerBlue, Asthmapolis, Bendyworks, Hardin Design & Development, and Solomo will be at the Madison Area CS Job Fair today on campus recruiting – come stop by!

The challenge of getting noticed and hired has been intensified by the fact that so much of today’s job search is now conducted online. Most recruiters like this volume job hiring company use online services to find candidates – but if you’re a candidate, it’s not quite as easy to connect with the right people or departments on LinkedIn or other professional sites if you don’t know those individuals or teams yet.

Job seekers can not only search the site for positions, but they can also meet key employees within the organizations through profiles, videos and connection opportunities via social media. If you’re interested in learning more about a specific company, the site offers a unique insider’s peek at the office, culture and people through detailed online tours that include meeting employees online to learn more about their jobs, seeing different aspects of the inside of the office and hearing workers talk about what it’s like to really work there. When you get hired one of the last steps is Dmagazine.
According to recruitment agency birmingham, the background check is often a final step taken by employers to help ensure a sound hiring decision and protect the employer from a number of potential risks. For many employers, a background check is a reliable way of verifying claims made by job seekers during the hiring process.
To welcome your new employees, you can buy nice custom workwear for them in this way you make them feel part of the company and create employee engagement.

Check out some of our member companies and contact them directly about other potential openings.