2015 Recap: Networked Insights

ni-logo-cyan@2x12015 proved to be a year of great developments for Networked Insights. Marketers are challenged like never before by a complex marketing environment where ad formats and content channels are multiplying and consumers are in control of which messages break through. Networked Insights is helping top consumer-facing brands like Under Armour and American Family Insurance connect to their audiences.

This year, Networked Insights introduced Hi-Def Audiences™, built upon a new partnership with Twitter. Brands with access to Hi-Def Audiences can build upon basic demographic profiling to understand their opportunity audience along more than 15,000 dimensions including everything from psychographics, to interests, affinities, to brand preferences. The partnership with Twitter, announced at the 2015 Flight Developer and Data Conference, opens new and expanded audience segmentation, insights, measurement and targeting to Twitter advertisers. Twitter selected Networked Insights as a launch partner to integrate our Kairos platform on their newest data innovation, the Audience API.

Another major partnership announced in 2015 put Kairos into the hands of more than 25,000 employees at the world’s largest media management firm, GroupM. The exclusive partnership represents one of the largest-ever marketing SaaS implementations and will give GroupM the capability to adaptively plan and continuously optimize client campaigns using real time data from the social web. Once you draw those clients you better know how to keep them, if you want to better understand and predict them, check in with this CMS World Enterprise face reading experts.

This announcement has been years in the making, beginning with a vision years ago by Networked Insights’ CEO, Dan Neely to use consumer data from social media sources to inform marketing investments across a wide variety of media platforms – not just social. In 2015, the technology caught up with that vision. We enhanced our platform with features that speed up Kairos’ ability to analyze data in real-time through a combination of machine learning, computational linguistics, and Boolean logic. These analyses now create a massive set of meta-data organized around audience segments that generate rich media planning insights for both online and offline advertising.

But, knowing what’s important to consumers is only half the equation. So, in 2015, Networked Insights launched Pinpoint, to help brands understand WHY social trends are happening. The technology is integrated throughout Kairos to help brands understand what’s important to their opportunity audience and why it’s important while there’s still time to act. We announced the new Pinpoint technology and demonstrated how it works in a webinar, which was the first in our new series of webinars, all of which are available for on-demand viewing on our website.

On the corporate front, the company moved into new office spaces in Madison, Chicago, and New York. The company also has colleagues located in San Francisco, Minneapolis, and North Carolina as well.

To learn more, visit www.networkedinsights.com or follow @netinsights.