2012 Recap: Optimal Media Group

2012 was a great year for Optimal Media Group and the NightOut sites. We removed underperforming products and reinforced and strengthened our core products while adding an incredibly lucrative loyalty program. We continue to modify and upgrade the functionality of our user interface for an improved visitor experience.

The best improvement this year has been the addition of an onsite designer and two new sales people. Our designer has enabled us to create new marketing material and offer design support to our licensees. With this addition comes the ability to spend more time with our new licensees training them in the site functionality helping them develop their business. We now can help them develop the content on their sites and help with marketing campaigns and sales presentations. This has been very well received and appreciated by our new licensees.

In July, we added Prestige Rewards loyalty program. The program is free to all consumers and allows them to earn cash back directly to their registered credit cards from participating merchants. There are no additional cards to carry or hoops to jump through. Simply register your existing debit or credit card on our secure site and pay as you normally pay. Each time you use your card at a participating merchant, you earn cash back.

We will soon be releasing Optimal Mobile Technology, which will allow our licensees to offer phone apps to their clients. They will be able to sell the app, create the app, and update it as necessary. The client will be able to present push notifications at the most opportune times, post menus and specials, or announce any exciting news or event in their business. This is one of the best ways a business can communicate with their loyal customers.

With additions of team members and with new products, 2013 will be our best, most exciting year since our inception.

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