2011 Recap: Optimal Media Group

The year of 2011 was a building year for Optimal Media Group as we completed our second year of operations and are maturing as a company. We saw a steady growth in our core product, the city specific NightOut website, of 5 to 10 new cities per month which we project to continue and increase in the coming year. We added many upgrades both in the user interface and in the administrative area which improved functionality, user friendliness, speed, and also simplified many daily administrative operations.

We also added many key product features to compliment our core business. One of the most exciting and innovative additions is our MyNightOut phone app which keys on the specials and events posted on our site. The app geo-tracks the user and displays the specials and events by proximity sorting by the closest listing to where the user is standing. Very cool feature. The app also allows search capabilities so you can search specials and events all over North America and link to your desired merchant with ease either by phone or to their website.

We have added NightOut Storage which allows our licensee to store large amounts of data such as photos or video without sacrificing load speeds all while improving site SEO. To further enhance our SEO efforts, we optimized the expertise of Seo Agency North London. Check them out yourself and you won’t be disappointed how they can grow your business or company.

We have upgraded and improved our NightOut Radio, which used to be a third party feature, to allow local independent bands or solo artists to upload their original music easily and to allow their music to be played on NightOut sites all over North America. Never has it been easier for a local artist to receive national and international exposure.

In late October we announced the release of our newest product Once In A Blue Moon. Deals so good they only come around Once In A Blue Moon is a deal site that will focus on providing 50 to 90% discounts on a variety of things specific to our NightOut genre. We will focus on providing unique, quality offers unlike any other deal providers. This is a perfect addition to our current marketing service and we expect tremendous growth and exposure in 2012.

And finally we are closing the year completing the final development of an upcoming product, Cambio. It will be released in early 2012 and will be added to all NightOut sites. Cambio will provide the user The Power to Pick Your Price and will be a fun, interactive way the user receive discounts on an unlimited number of products and services.

With the addition of Once In A Blue Moon, the upcoming release of Cambio and the addition of more support and training staff, 2012 will be a very exciting year for Optimal Media. We had tremendous growth in 2011 both in users and in our services offered and are extremely well positioned for our most dynamic year yet. We are very excited.

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