2010 Recap: Momenta Technologies

Year 11111011010 (aka. 2010) was an exciting, adventurous and adaptive one for Momenta. We began the year working on an Internet acceleration solution out of our apartment and ended the year developing a new website for social travel in a great office space, several ‘failed’ projects and a round of funding later.

Along the way our team, which grew from 2 to 5, completed software consulting projects, released the iPhone game Beat the Swine, and took the time to develop our skill set and let our company culture and passion develop. As 2011 begins, we are ready to leverage that passion to create the coolest possible travel experience for young professionals.

We also met and learned from tons of great people in the Madison community in the last year, which was truly the best part for us and spurred our progress throughout. We collaborated with several Capital Entrepreneurs companies, joined the Merlin Mentor program, helped plan events such as the Entrepreneurial Deli and TEDx Madtown, and worked with Planet Propaganda to design Snapp Football, our interactive TV iPhone app that didn’t quite make it out the door before our latest switch of gears.

11111011011 looks to be an even more incredible year for Madison start-ups and we’re very excited to be a part of it. We’ll soon have our new website up, which will offer Groupon-style weekend trips for young professionals looking to turn a vacation day into a real vacation. We’re also launching our company blog later this week. Check back in sometime to see what it’s all about, and have a great new year!

Contributed by Michael Fenchel of Momenta Technologies.