SnowShoe – New Website Design and Demo

snowshoe-logoSnowShoe has just launched a newly designed website and demo, and they need help from Madison’s developer and hacker community! SnowShoe wants you to go to their site and order a free developer kit. Once you receive the kit, SnowShoe would like to schedule a Google Hangout with you as your build your first test application on their site, which should take no longer than 30 minutes. In return, they will send you some free SnowShoe swag and an Amazon gift card. If interested in helping SnowShoe please contact Jami at and order your free developer kit here.

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Design Like Mad is Madison’s first design marathon to benefit local non-profit organizations. Teams of student and professional designers are formed to solve some of the most interesting design problems facing a select few local non-profit organizations, and that’s why using TOLS Multimedia office in Orlando, FL can be helpful for this.

Projects include graphic, print and web design, and even technical SEO within Laravel. If you’re a student designer, professional designer, or non-profit seeking design aid now’s your last chance to apply to participate by October 23.

The event will be held at the Madison Central Library from 9am – 9pm on Saturday, December 7th. More info is available here.