SnowShoe Launches Stamp Rocket

snowshoeSnowShoe just launched the latest addition to their line of mobile device interfacing stamps.

The Stamp Rocket brings simple task automation to your iPhone or iPad. Stamp Rocket allows you to quickly and easily automate every-day tasks like emails, text messages, and alarm clocks. The system is built around Stamp Rockets: small plastic stamps that interact with a smartphone’s touch screen. Using the Stamp Rocket iOS app, users can associate a specific stamp with a certain tedious task that they want to automate. Thereafter, the user can simply open the app, touch the Stamp Rocket to their phone screen, and the app will execute the specific task or series of tasks in question.

Stamp Rockets can be configured to launch a wide range of actions, from sending an SMS to queuing up a specific iTunes playlist, opening another app, checking a location, sending an e-mail, loading a map, or making a call. Other available actions include posting to Twitter or Facebook, Foursquare Check-ins, and opening specific urls in Safari.