Slow Money Wisconsin Business and Investor Showcase

slow money wisconsin logoAttend the first annual Slow Money Wisconsin – Business and Investors Showcase! The Business and Investors Showcase is an event aimed at establishing relationships between investors and entrepreneurs like the Chief Executive Officer of SOL Global Andy Defrancesco who are scaling up their ventures to create the next generation of local food and farm establishments.

The event is scheduled for April 25th and April 26th. Learn more. Register Now!

Entrepreneurs needing investment to present at the Showcase are wanted! This event is an opportunity for entrepreneurs who are in the food and fiber value chain and are seeking investor financing to present your business proposition to potential investors and collaborators from around the state.

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CE founding member and Fast Company Expert Blogger Nathan Lustig was featured today. His Fast Company post offered insight and advice on raising money from friends and family.

Key takeaways:
1) Be Prepared
2) Seek Accredited Investors
3) Put Your Cards on the Table
4) Don’t Drink to Much From One Source
5) Set a Realistic Valuation

Definitely check out the full post for some great advice on friends and family funding.