Parallel Kingdom Featured in HTC Source

Capital Entrepreneurs member PerBlue had their flagship product Parallel Kingdom featured in HTC Source.  From the article:

…the first release of the app had me hooked from day one.  I would find myself waking through the skyways in Minneapolis on my lunch breaks just so I could discover new areas on the map so I could kill more creates and build up my stash of gold.

The latest release of the game (Parallel Kingdom – Age of Emergence) was launched in late November.  Once I reinstalled the game, I quickly realized that it was a whole new world I was walking into.  It has been over six months since I played the game.  I had to uninstall it since my wife would yell at me every time I pulled out my phone to kill a few trolls or dragons.  Age of Emergence has quite a bit to offer.  I was planning on writing up a quick review on it a few weeks back, but found out that I would need some extra time to delve into all the new features that it includes.

The real fun comes in with the addition of Cities.  Players can now team up to build a city which adds a whole new element to the game.  Once you join a city (costs 1000 Gold) you will be able to travel to it wherever you like and can trade your items in the Trading Post.  You will also get your own personal Oil Well which will collect Oil for you even while you are not playing.  Oil can then be sold, traded, or dropped for Gold so you can purchase new items from other players or upgrade your weapons.

…I’m hoping that this is enough info to get you started on your Parallel Kingdom adventure.   The game has a lot more to offer than what I’ve covered and it truly is one of the most addicting and immersive games for the Android platform.  I find myself logging in 2-3 times a day to collect my Oil, harvest Berries, and hunt Dragons. I should also mention that Parallel Kingdom is also available on the iPhone.  So don’t be surprised to find a fair number of iPhone freaks in the chat rooms and trading posts of Parallel Kingdom.