Parallel Kingdom Article on Gamer Road

Parallel Kingdom, from Capital Entrepreneurs member PerBlue, was featured on GamerRoad.  From the article:

…you will want to download a little game called Parallel Kingdom.  P.K. is an MMORPG style game that uses Google Maps and the phone GPS to show your current position.  The in game world is the real world.  You move your character around the map fighting monsters and chopping down trees.  All while exploring with your dog (I named mine Sayjak).  You level, loot, and stab monsters.  While it is not a graphically intensive game, it can really pull you in.  Have a few extra minutes before a movie starts?  Why not have P.K. locate your phone and see if there are any rare monsters hiding around the theater for you to kill?  Oh, and did I mention it’s free?