Capital Entrepreneurs members are a key part of the growing startup community in Madison, Wisconsin. The companies represent a variety of early to growth stage companies across a wide range of industries. Individual members are founders that range from first time entrepreneurs to veteran serial entrepreneurs.

Justin Beck & Forrest WoolworthPerBlue is a privately held mobile and social gaming software company based in Madison, WI. Founded in 2008, we are a growing team of young and energetic engineers, designers and business specialists. PerBlue makes games for iOS and Android platforms, and has millions of players worldwide.
Chris Meyer – Sector67 is a start up TechShop / Hacker space / Makerspace / Collaborative Environment in Madison, WI dedicated to providing members the opportunity to work on tomorrow’s technology; to build, collaborate, learn, and teach about next generation devices.
Matt Younkle, Preston Austin, and Steve Faulkner – Murfie is part marketplace, part community; an online music service for your CD collection. As a Murfie member, buy, sell, and trade albums with other members. Download any album in your Murfie collection in the digital format of your choice, including lossless formats. All CDs in our inventory are stored at our headquarters in Madison, WI
hardindd Scott ResnickHardin Design & Development is a boutique technical development firm in Madison, Wisconsin focused on creating a diverse array of Internet content. At the forefront of “Web 2.0” trends such as interconnectivity and interactive content, the company creates applications for websites, mobile operating systems, social-networking sites, and widgets.
Bradley Grzesiak & Stephen Anderson – Bendyworks is a software firm focusing on mobile and web application development. We deliver value constantly with a unique process that allows our clients to manage and direct their project at all times.
eat-street-logo Matt Howard & Eric MartellEatStreet is a free online ordering service that connects you with food from your favorite local restaurants. With EatStreet you can easily find and order from the best food delivery restaurants in your area. EatStreet was designed as simply as possible to get out of the way of you and your order. By using EatStreet you are only a few clicks away from your next meal.
Daniel Neely & Brian JohnsonNetworked Insights builds software tools that analyze the social web to help advertisers and marketers make better strategic and tactical decisions. We’re not just interested in the loudest voice in the room and tracking the things you already know. We listen to the silent majority (in addition to the vocal minority) and uncover concepts that you might never be aware of.
propeller-health-logo Greg Tracy & Mark GehringPropeller Health is the leading mobile platform for respiratory health management. Through sensors, mobile apps and services, Propeller Health helps reduce the cost of care while delivering better quality of life for individuals with chronic respiratory disease.
Dale EmmonsVidmaker is a TechStars company that provides a cloud-based video editor that lets users work with video on any device, anywhere and with anyone. It simplifies video management, editing and collaboration by storing all video data in the cloud while providing Google Docs style real time collaboration and GitHub style project management and reuse.
Ash Gupta & Jonathan BaranHealthFinch is a Health 2.0 startup out of Madison, WI focusing on developing applications to help patients with chronic diseases manage their treatments more effectively. HealthFinch is driven by a goal to improve patient lives and ultimately improve the long term outlook for those living with chronic conditions. HealthFinch was founded by Ash Gupta and Jonathan Baran in early August 2009.
Claus MobergSnowShoe is a Madison, WI startup that makes the SnowShoe Stamp – an insanely intuitive, inexpensive and indestructible way for smartphones to authenticate real-world interactions. A simple touch of the SnowShoe Stamp to the screen of a person’s smartphone proves that the phone’s owner is in a specific location, at a specific time, and is interacting with a person or system in an authenticated way.
drifty_logo Max Lynch & Ben SperryDrifty’s products make it easy for anyone to build mobile apps, mobile websites, and responsive websites.
Dan WilsonMoxe Health makes it easy for health systems to integrate new applications and services into their Electronic Health Records.
Adam Simcock & Pitt FaganEarthling Interactive (formerly EarthIT) has been turning creative ideas into pioneering websites and applications that are used and recognized around the globe. We consider ourselves partners to our clients, and know our growth is due to the many successful relationships we have built with our clients.
Philip Crawford & Mark McEahernManifestly helps teams manage, leverage, and collaborate on recurring checklists within their organization. Based on the concepts put forth in the book “The Checklist Manifesto”.
metrojolt-logo Benjamin Kimo TwichellMetropolitan Jolt is a music review website covering cities across North America. We have created excellent articles ranging from album and artist reviews to interviews.
fractal-logo Heather WentlerFractal is a Challenged Based enrichment program geared towards Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) achievement for children. Through our programming, participants will build foundational knowledge for success in their educational pursuits; as well as self confidence, team work abilities, and communication skills necessary for professional development. Currently we are based out of Sector67.
abodo-logo Alec SlocumAbodo’s localized apartment listing services simplify the apartment search process.
Heidi AllstopSPILL, or Supporting Peers in Laid-back Listening, is a peer-based online support network by and for UW students that provides a confidential, student-based “venting outlet” where they can write in about issues they want to get off of their chests.  We connect them with other students who have dealt with that specific issue, providing the “spiller” with support, feedback, and resources for dealing with that specific issue.
sconnie Troy VossellerSconnie Nation is student owned and operated t-shirt company producing original apparel celebrating the Wisconsin lifestyle!  Sconnie Nation was founded during the spring of 2004 in our freshmen dorm room  with the goal of spreading Sconnie pride across the country.
MobCraft-logo Henry Schwartz & Giotto TroiaMobCraft Beer is a small craft brewery that makes custom craft beer. We produce small batch “custom craft beers” based on user submitted recipes and ideas which end up in our recipe vault. As each beer grows in social popularity, the four most popular beers are put up for a monthly vote/order.
wuntusk-logogrey240x60 Monty Schmidtwuntusk was started by Monty Schmidt, founder of the Madison, Wisconsin software company, Sonic Foundry. The mission of wuntusk is to promote and further the cause of crypto-currency technologies.
Ted GurmanBlueTree Network’s mission is to provide an open environment for customer-consultant engagement. Think of BlueTree as the EHR consulting matchmaker. Our platform offers healthcare organizations and high caliber consultants the unique ability to connect directly with one another, saving both you and your customers precious time and money, while at the same time producing better results and happier consultants. BlueTree Network is not a consulting group, but rather, a tool to match your unique career interests and skills with customers’ specialized projects and needs.
Nikolai Skievaski, Joe Sweeney, Michael Fenchel & James Lloyd100state is creating a new model for growth and innovation – a new way for people to add value to the world – a new way to unleash talent and passion to solve problems and make the world a better place.
Leora GreenburgDineInTime provides a way for restaurant operators to improve the wait experience for their dining patrons. The DineInTime software enables patrons to be notified via text message when their table is ready and paves the way for restaurants to monetize the wait through engagement, interactive communication, and targeted rewards and offers directly to a patron’s mobile phone.
Matt & Clare Stoner FehsenfeldQuince and Apple makes small-batch, artisan preserves and drink syrups in Madison, WI that we wholesale to small specialty shops, high-end grocery stores, bars and restaurants around the country.
Joel Hestness3 Day Startup is an entrepreneurship education program designed for university students with an emphasis on learning by doing. The idea is simple: start tech companies over the course of three days.
Mark McGuireNextt is a private social network for friends to connect online so they can do more together offline. We’re simplifying the social planning process—outside of open social networks, long e-mail chains and noisy group chat messaging—making it easy for you to do more in the real world with the people who matter most.
Scott KohlRonin Studios & Consulting designs and builds games for adult learners. The Company uses its specialized expertise in educational game design to create engaging digital applications for corporations and non-profits that enhance participation, learning, and development. Ronin products help enterprises harness the power of game play to achieve goals in the areas of training, recruitment, branding, and education by creating games that help learners apply their knowledge in contextually relevant settings.
Brian is a geo-social network unlike anything else available to anglers today. The application provides the best information, including fishing and waterway maps to outdoor enthusiasts, along with providing a network and technologies for each to share their successes, favorite spots, photos, tools and techniques.
Ben Seigel & Corey LoseneggerMusiciansConnect is a musicians social network allowing musicians to find each other; find instructors; buy and sell gear; connect with area resources like stores, studios and rehearsal space.
cmotive-logo Justin ReedC-Motive Technologies is a high-tech startup focusing on power conversion technology R&D based in Madison, WI.
Kevin Conroy – Exact Sciences is a molecular diagnostics company focused on colorectal cancer. The company has exclusive intellectual property protecting its non-invasive, molecular screening technology for the detection of colorectal cancer. Stool-based DNA (sDNA) technology is included in the colorectal cancer screening guidelines of the American Cancer Society and the U.S. Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer.
Laura StrongQuintessence Biosciences, Inc. is a private, clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel anti-cancer compounds based on our patented EVadeâ„¢ Ribonuclease technology. Our most advanced lead candidate has shown efficacy in models of a variety of tumor types including: colon, non-small cell lung, ovarian, pancreatic and prostate cancer. A Phase 1 clinical trial is ongoing.
subsidence-logo Alex KubicekSubsidence is a weather data company that provides dense surface observations generated by our proprietary weather stations. This composite of granular weather data has applications across a variety of markets, including insurance, power trading, forecasting, and risk mitigation.
catalyze-logo Travis makes tools to simplify health app development. Our hosted toolset breaks down barriers and reduces cost to building modern health tech and apps, taking compliance and data exchange standards of developers plates so they can focus on differentiation and distribution.
bokos-logo Matt McManusBokos is a recently launched sandal company, providing consumers unique, durable, affordable sandals. Bokos sandals are available in a number of color options and offered for both men and women. The unique, one-piece construction means your Bokos can keep up for all of life’s adventures, and we hope that Bokos will soon become your “new favorite sandals.”
Patrick HeaneyNCD Technologies was founded by Dr. Patrick Heaney, commercializing his UW Madison Materials Science PhD research of Nanocrystalline Diamond (NCD) Coatings. NCD is a platform technology which improves small device and part functions by decreasing the power required for and wear of any moving part. NCD’s unique processes allow the creation of thinner, more uniform coatings with significantly improved adhesion.
sensori-logo Kyle KiepertSensori is a company building affordable motion capture products for athletes. We’re building a system consisting of lightweight sensors and a powerful piece of software that interprets the data collected by the sensors into easy to understand metrics.
Jason OliverFaculte is a cloud based platform for the easy creation of online elearning and presentations videos. By combining powerpoints, images, documents and videos and then applying narration and annotation, the output is a dynamic and interactive online video presentation or class.
Wisconsin-From-Scratch-Squa Sarah WoolworthWisconsin from Scratch is a food blog created to help you make the most of the abundance of delicious homegrown foods available right here in Wisconsin.
karben4-logo Zak KogaKarben4 Brewing specializes in English-style malt bombs. We are enamored with the myriad of delicate flavors and aromas that malted grains offer. We believe in using ingredients only when they make sense to the overall experience we are trying to share, regardless of style guidelines or popular trends.
Ben LandauThe Madison Fund is a non-profit micro lender based in Madison, Wisconsin. TMF was organized in order to improve the economic and financial conditions of small businesses and low-income entrepreneurs in the Madison, Wisconsin area and to provide these business owners with safe and affordable capital for their business activities.
Cody Candee & Tim KesslerBadger Innovations is an entirely student run business focused on providing local small businesses as well as orginizations on campus with professional quailty websites. We are also providing student employees with the opportunity to gain real world experience.
Greg ShivesHigh Iron Studios is a small, independent game developer that creates amazing gameplay experiences to entertain mobile and PC game audiences throughout the world.
Bob BaddelayPortable Scores has built a connected portable electronic scoreboard and timer, named the DigiTally. Now athletes and spectators can watch recreational sports and know what the score is, how much time is left, AND share it all online.
Chris JohnsonPilot Training System is a software package conceived through academic research funded by the Federal Aviation Administration to make flying safer and training more affordable. It will serve as a one-stop, flight-training resource and platform technology featuring a weather-simulation engine that uses archived weather data to drive weather simulation in existing software platforms.
32auctions-logo Steve Klodd32auctions is the premier cloud-based silent auction service available for anyone desiring a fun & easy way to raise money for a cause.
Christopher BeleyFlextory is an easy to use web-based data management system for inventory, personnel, libraries, research data, or just about anything else.
Lydie HudsonMapWise Software, LLC brings visualization to trademark management, giving corporations a dynamic worldview of where their brands are legally protected. MapWise helps corporations cost-effectively and reliably manage their trademark assets.
Ben RaboineOptimal Media Group LLC licenses “NightOut” sites such as to one person per city. These sites are targeting people looking for something to do that night in their city including Dining, Bars, Entertainment, Bands, and Accommodations.
stemina-logo Beth DonleyStemina specializes in metabolomic technologies to understand cell biology in both health and disease. Our current platforms are focused in the areas of toxicology and diagnostics.
Michael BrightWAE2 is an early stage research, science and technology company. We explore over 50 fields including cognitive neuroscience to better understand human performance. We are developing new methods to accelerate entrepreneurs. We support and conduct scientific research which helps us better understand the brian and entrepreneurship.
ProactiCare Logo Tyler LeeperProactiCare, LLC is a service technology company focused on the prevention of pressure ulcers and falls through patient monitoring. The company’s product, The CareMetric System, monitors patients in bed and provides critical care alerts to nursing staff and administrators to assist in assuring the highest quality of patient care.
Sarah ManskiPosiPair is a web service that bridges the gap between green business and green consumers. We’re building a virtual green trade show that provides businesses with online profiles, the ability to pair with business partners, highlight their eco-labels, and use a shopping cart for direct sales. PosiPair lets consumers review businesses and products, set up personal profile pages, and search different green characteristics.
logoBLACK.jpg Tyler LeeperWingra Boats is public small boat marina that offers a rental fleet of over 100 boats that includes canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, and sailboats. We also offer a small boat marina, windsurfing and sailing lessons, kids day camps, and family memberships. Wingra Boats operates at two locations at 824 Knickerbocker Street off Monroe Street and now at Vilas Beach.