FurnishU Featured in Capital Times

Capital Entrepreneurs member Jeremy Craine and his company FurnishU were featured in the Capital Times today.  FurnishU buys used furniture from students on campus and then resells the furniture to other students.  From the link:

For my part, I was interested as soon as I learned that Crane, as a student, started a business derived from all the old furniture you see on Mifflin and Langdon Streets and everywhere in between when the students are moving in and out.

The business is called Furnish U, and it’s likely only one of what will be many entrepreneurial successes for Crane. He had his first start-up idea in the sixth grade, arranging baby-sitting jobs for a commission. Before high school, Crane — who grew up in Rochester, N.Y. — was attempting to export door locks from the United States to Israel. He got his real estate license at 18, and spent the summer between high school and college (when he came to Madison) doing deals by phone while lying in bed. “Nobody knew how old I was,” he said.