Entrustet Featured on Mashable and Thrillist

Capital Entrepreneurs member company Entrustet was featured on Mashable twice in the last two days and was featured on Thrillist today.  Mashable’s first article was featured in the Spark of Genius section and was called Plan What Happens to Your Online Accounts Post Morten with Entrustet.  From the post:

Quick Pitch: Free service helps you take stock of all your digital assets and assign an heir to access them when you pass away.

Genius Idea: Where do bad folks go when they die? Yeah, I can’t tell you that definitively, but I can tell you where both good and bad folks can store their online presence: Entrustet. This new service, which is currently in public beta and will launch officially on April 26, is like an online will — but instead of listing your jewels, golden bars and mattress cash, Entrustet lets you leave your Facebook profile, Gmail etc to designated “heirs.”

Entrustet was mentioned in a second Mashable post the next day in Mashable’s review of South Park:

When Stan deletes his profile out of frustration… well… let’s just say he probably should have opened an Entrustet account. Meanwhile, Kyle friends a FB loser, which leads to a steady stream of unfriending and a breakdown of sorts.

Entrustet was also featured on Thrillist today:

A free service just now in beta, En’ protects all of your “digital assets” postmortem by letting you designate “heirs” to inherit individual online accounts and files, allowing you to humiliate your family from beyond the grave by still being on MySpace. Browse through categories like Social and Email to find popular sites you may have an account with (feel free to add sites that aren’t listed), supply your usernames/passwords, and securely upload any offline docs you’d like to live on the site; once you’re ready, simply submit basic deets (e.g., email address, relation to you) for up to 10 inheritors per account.