Entrustet Featured on Gear Diary

Entrustet was featured on Gear Diary in an article entitled Entrustet: Caring For Your Digital Assets When You’re Gone.  The article provides an in-depth overview of Entrustet’s offering and talks about how people can protect their digital assets while they are still alive.

Enter Entrustet.com.  The company, which is set to launch its free internet based service in the middle of April, takes care of getting your friends or loved ones (or whomever else you decide) access to online content after you’ve died.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss exactly how the company operates with the firm’s two founders,  two University of Wisconsin undergrads, Jesse Davis (age 23) and Nathan Lustig (24).

If you’re what Entrustet calls a HiWi (High Internet Worth Individual), then you probably have a ton of data stored online.  But it takes only one e-mail account to be considered a HiWi.  Think about it.  One simple web based e-mail account contains copies of all the e-mails you sent/received as well as all of the information about your contacts.

Entrustet was created to protect your digital assets.  Any online content is an asset and files on your computer are considered assets as well.  You also have two types of digital assets.  Economical ones, such as domain registrations with sites like GoDaddy.com and sentimental ones such as your online family photo albums at sites like Flickr or Photo Bucket.