Entrustet Featured on DotWeekly

Entrustet, which allows people to make last wishes for their digital assets, was featured on DotWeekly, a blog about domain names.  From the link:

This really is a slick service and it is free! This type of service is very important to domain name investors! With domain parking accounts, registrar accounts, affiliate accounts, Paypal, Escrow, Sedo, Afternic and many more! Entrustet has been featured on TechCrunch.com, Mashable.com, BBC, LifeHacker.com and many many more! Here is a link to press coverage and some video.

Don’t think people die that often with digital assets? Entrustet did an in-depth study using Facebook data and it’s users, along with several other stats and has put a number on how many US Facebook members will die this year. 385,968 people! See the study and data to back it up here.