Build Madison: A Community Create-a-thon

Capital Entrepreneurs is organizing Build Madison which is taking place February 5th and 6th. It’s a 24 hour create-a-thon (think hackathon + startup day + just building cool stuff). There is even a $500 cash prize (plus other prizes) going to the top teams.

If you have an idea for a cool project to work on (whether it be a website, widget, or pretty much anything really) this is your event. Bring your idea and meet others at the event to help make your idea a reality. Don’t have an idea, but want to work on a fun project? This is your event too. Bring your skill set (whatever it may be – programming, glass blowing, marketing, etc) and find an interesting project to work on and bring to life.

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Calling all creative, talented and enthusiastic Madisonians! Come together to unleash and show off our community’s potential by cooperatively creating real products in less than 24 hours. Connect with people to make your idea a reality or utilize your skill set and experience to help bring other exciting ideas to life- all while meeting cool people and generally having a blast. Plus, there’s prize money and packages for teams with the most impressive results.

Information and Itinerary
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