2014 Recap: Verdanterra

Verdanterra-LogotransresizeVerdanterra launched in February and 11 months later, we continue to grow and develop exciting new plans for 2015 and beyond. From our successful 2014 start, we envision soon having an established and well-respected brand in the environmental consulting world.

We focus on providing regulatory guidance for developers, owners, and operators of energy infrastructure projects. We have created a workplace where collaboration, creativity, expertise, and efficiency contribute to meeting our client’s needs. We have some big new ideas on how we might accomplish these goals, and we expect 2015 will see substantial progress in achieving these targets. Take a look at these business energy suppliers uk that will make sure you cut your costs.

Our initial few months was a little scattered – frantic even – but thanks to a successful seed capital round, we hit the ground running in spring with a solid financial foundation that allowed us to pursue some exciting projects. Our work capacity expanded quickly and, at the close of our first year, Verdanterra has provided strategic regulatory, cultural resource, and biological advice on energy infrastructure projects located from our beloved Wisconsin to Florida and from North Dakota to Maine. The more complex the project, the better we like it – and the more our staff talents can really shine and assist clients with thorny regulatory issues.

Lead by our Managing Director Jonathan Ryan, we created the workplace and culture we sought, and we are poised to grow significantly in 2015. Two short-term goals are key: become more engaged in local organizations – like Capital Entrepreneurs – and begin working on community-benefitting projects in partnership with non-profits, land trusts, and other public entities.