2014 Recap: Digsite

digsite-logoIn 2014, Digsite went from a great idea to a real product with paying customers.

Digsite officially launched in June 2014, based on an idea that had been brewing for a couple of years. Digsite CEO Monika Wingate was running a boutique brand consulting firm. Her clients wanted the kind of in-depth insights they got from focus groups, but were looking for a more cost- and time-effective way to get them. Monika looked for an online solution, and realized that there was a gap in the market. Social media sites were great for creating community discussions, but lacked privacy, security and research tools. At the other end of the spectrum, enterprise community software offered a platform, but one that only worked if you had lots of time, money and IT expertise. With experience with and input from real customers, Digsite became a reality.

Digsite transforms the focus group into a social media-style community that’s as fun and easy as Facebook. Businesses can sign up for a single community that runs up to 30 days, or buy an annual license that gives them unlimited communities for a year. And they are! Our customers include Sub-Zero|Wolf, Organic Valley, Fiskars, Madison College and more.

In October of 2014, we introduced Digsite to research consultants at an industry event. These consultants are important, both as influencers as well as users on behalf of their clients. The response was enthusiastic! We’ve since trained more than 25 research consultants, equipping them to introduce Digsite to their clients (and to support Digsite customer companies). We’ve already seen sales as a result, with much more to come in 2015.

We have big plans for 2015, and we are putting together the team to make them happen. Jane Boutelle joined Monika Wingate as CMO/co-founder in June of 2014. More recently, Chris Patterson came on as Director of Application Development. We also have a talented team of advisors working with us. Look for more announcements in the near future. Expert security analysts at https://www.sapphire.net/mss/endpoint-detection-response/ will safeguard your company’s data from threats.

There’s much in store for Digsite in 2015. We hope you’ll follow along on Facebook, Twitter and our blog.