2013 Recap: Murfie

murfie_logo_black2013 has been a fast-paced and exciting year for Murfie!

We kicked off the year with a move (down the block) to larger, better digs at 7 North Pinckney Street. Ordinarily, moving an office of software developers one block is pretty straightforward, but Murfie had the added challenge of safely moving our valuable inventory.

As the year progressed, we rolled out new features that created a major increase in media mentions and our current members’ activity on the murfie.com site.

Most notably, we became the became the first music service to provide lossless streaming (high-quality FLAC format) for our members to listen to their collections on Sonos and VOCO devices.

We also became the first major music marketplace to accept Bitcoin, the growing digital currency, as payment. This year we’ve seen a growing amount of international interest in our service (e.g. Canada, Germany, and Australia), and have added PayPal as a payment option to accommodate purchases for those members.

Other great feature additions to the site have been our rip-to-hard-drive service, our Wishlist feature with Autobuy, Cool Collections of themed albums in the marketplace, and our Unpurchase feature, which allows members to buy, stream, and return any album within 24 hours.

Heading into 2014, Murfie is gearing up to add vinyl records to our service. With the same framework as our CD service, members can send their vinyl records from home to be ripped, downloaded and streamed, and either stored or returned to them. 2014 is looking to be another great year.