Yahoo! CEO, UW Alum Carol Bartz Interviewed in Esquire

UW alum Carol Bartz has been the CEO of Yahoo! for just about a year now.  She was just interviewed by Esquire in an article called “I’m Carol Bartz…Are You An Asshole?” which is an incredibly interesting read.  From the article:

On January 13, 2009, Carol Bartz became CEO of Yahoo! One of her first acts was to inform her staff that she would “drop-kick to fucking Mars” anyone who leaked company secrets. Since then she’s been trying to return Yahoo! to dominance, deliberately destroying everyone’s impression of what it actually does. After a deal with Microsoft, Yahoo! is transforming from a search engine to a Web portal — one that, if Bartz is right, will attract new users (and new revenue) by trimming unwieldy Web searches down to personalized streams of information. She has her skeptics. But Bartz is right a lot, and most CEOs of her caliber don’t earn their pay by luck. Neither do cocktail waitresses, and Bartz was once one of those, too. She knows when to give someone a “bunny dip.” And she knows when someone needs a good drop-kicking.

The Esquire piece is a great insight into one of the most impressive UW grads out there in the business world right now.  If you haven’t heard about her story, check it out.