Networked Insights Featured In Business Watch

Member company Networked Insights was featured in Business Watch Magazine and includes a Q&A with founder Dan Neely.  From the article:

Perched high above downtown Madison, Networked Insights, mines 3.5 million conversations a day, totaling over 1 billion annually. Using proprietary software, CEO and founder Dan Neely and his staff are monitoring our online social lives and using what we read, rate, share, link to and write to help businesses make informed decisions on who and what we like … the signal in the massive amount of e-noise. Neely, a native of Liverpool, England, talks with BusinessWatch about how Networked Insights (NI) began, Measuring the Social and how we are all content creators, whether we like it or not.

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Madison was recently rated as one of the top 10 places to start a business in 2011 by the online magazine AskMen UK. Citing the vast amount of tax credits available to WI startups through the CORE Jobs Act, as well as the support of Capital Entrepreneurs, MERLIN Mentors, and the University, Madison continues to be a hotspot for entrepreneurial activity.