Featured in The Wall Street Journal

CE member company was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal. Murfie will take all of those CDs you have sitting around into the cloud age. They’ll send you a nice box in the mail, and then you send them your CDs. They’ll rip them and you’ll have digital versions on their website that you can sell and trade. It’s basically a huge online used CD store where you can buy/sell/trade albums for a good price point.

From the article:

Murfie wants to become the Internet’s largest used-CD emporium. (It takes a 30% cut.) As a used-CD store, they are unique in that buyers don’t need to wait for a disc in the mail—the music can be downloaded. And because these are used-CDs you’re buying, the prices are lower than normal. An example: I found John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” for $4 ($3 for the CD plus $1 for the rip and download) on Murfie. It’s $8 on iTunes.

Read the full article here (if you’re not a WSJ subscriber, just Google the article’s title: ‘Sending Your Discs to Cloud Heaven’ and click through from there to read the full article).